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The Tortis And The Hare


God Will Lead Us  Through The Storm. He loves us and he will make sure we are okay. Jesus is stronger than a storm like a tortoise is faster than a hare.  If you have not heard the story of the tortoise and the hare I will tell it to you. The once was a tortoise that lived by a hare. They hare was faster than the tortois and one day he challenge the tortoise to a race. His friends heard about it and the tortoise would not get a rest from exercising. When it became racing day the tortoise was tired and he went slow. The hare passed him and went very fast. Half way thought the race the hare was tired. He thought he would never catch up so he went to sleep. But he was asleep for hours and the tortes went right passed him. And when the hare woke up the tortoise had won.

Jesus will be fast sometimes and will be slow but he will always guide you through the storm. Jesus loves everyone including the sinners. He can forgive and forget but he still punishes. Forgive and Forget means he will forgive us and next time we do something wrong he will not bring it up.


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