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Tales from Aidan


I am going to see how creative I am and come up with a story as I go along.

Once Upon a time, there was a man named Aidan. He was on his way to a picnic but he saw a man trapped inside his car. He pulled on the door but could not get it open. He then had an idea. “I know, I can get a crow bar” said Aidan? He got a crowbar but by the time he got back the police had already gottin the man out of the car. Then he saw a lady getting mugged. He had a crowbar so he wacked the mugger in the head with it. But  then the old lady thought Aidan was a mugger, Aidan went to jail. The End

It is not the best story but I had to think of it fast, please do not correct grammer I was typing very fast.


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