Baking Passion


Baking Passion

I love to bake, I make cookies and all sorts of stuff. I always start from scratch when Im doing it. And they always end up delicious. I love to bake, I have Baking Passion


Gracious El Tipo

Gracious El Tipo means Funny Guy in Spanish. I learned that on the internet one day as I was thinking of names for my Daily Motion channel when I thought of Funny Guy. I thought funny guy was stupid but I was thinking of how people sometimes translate English for there website names so I change Funny Guy to Spanish which was Gracious El Tipo or El-Tipo I really don’t remember that well.

Tales from Aidan

I am going to see how creative I am and come up with a story as I go along.

Once Upon a time, there was a man named Aidan. He was on his way to a picnic but he saw a man trapped inside his car. He pulled on the door but could not get it open. He then had an idea. “I know, I can get a crow bar” said Aidan? He got a crowbar but by the time he got back the police had already gottin the man out of the car. Then he saw a lady getting mugged. He had a crowbar so he wacked the mugger in the head with it. But  then the old lady thought Aidan was a mugger, Aidan went to jail. The End

It is not the best story but I had to think of it fast, please do not correct grammer I was typing very fast.

How I got the name of my blog & more

I do not like the new theme of my blog very much. It is okay, but I don’t like it as much as my last one. I liked the space in my last one but this one is just Music. My blog is called “Aidan Kevin Music” and I love Music but my blog really has not that much to do with music. The truth is I got Aidan Kevin Music of a family member when his blog was called Kevin Michael Music. His name was Kevin. My middle name is Kevin so I was thinking of blog Names and I came up with Aidan Kevin Music. I also had to pick the theme and I got the theme off my family members blog to. His had the horizontal bar with the recent post on it. I wanted my blog to have that but his theme cost $75 and there is no way I am paying that money for a blog theme that I may change. I picked not this theme but the theme called Itheme2 and it had in the picture a picture of the latest post bar. So I picked that one but it never had the latest post bar. I really think my blog has become my own – Don’t you think 🙂

Just Doing Something Nice :)

Well, my brother saw something I did with my name and said “Cool, can you do that with my name”. I tried but I could not. Just trying to be nice but that made me said, you can call me Straight Face (Sad/Happy) – 😐



Artistic Talent

Aidans Pic

When you are drawing, how many times do you mess up. That up there, that picture I drew my self. I was drawing on a website and I started scribbling, I added the words messed up and I thought of my blog. I downloaded the picture to add to a new post. I once heard some really good advice, just because you mess up does not mean you haft to stop. That was not the advice I heard though. The advice I heard is that you don’t get artistic talent, you just haft to do it. So next time you tell someone “Im not talented” think about this post.