Fun Facts


Fun Facts

Did you know it takes less muscles to smile than frown. Well we are talking about smiling did you know laughing for 15 seconds adds 2 days on to your life span.


Henna Design By Me

I made a Henna Design 


Need Technology Help With Designing

If you like art and you need help designing websites than mix the 2 things together.


The Art of Music and The Music Of Art

Art means to things and music means one. I am giving music a new meaning. Art mean Art and Music and Music means Music. 

The Music of art and the art of music – Aidan Thompson

Aidan Kevin Art

Simple Art, Yah Art

I’m Think About changing the name of my site. My site is more about Art then music so It should be Aidan Kevin Art instead of Aidan Kevin Music. My family helps me in so many ways and then makes me come up with my own.

Kids Art – Get Inspired Part 2

This means big brother in my new blog language, think like a kids so i did i call my language Aidannese

Big Brother

Kids Art – Get Inspired

Making Art Is Amazing, Feel Inspired But plan what it will look like in your head. That is one way to do art out of many others – Aidan Thompson


Make Kids Art, It looks worse, but looks better at the same time. Make people be shocked by how young your art ability’s are. 

Kids Art